Chemical and Oil Industry

Expert Cable Installation Services for Chemical and Oil Industries

At Power Contractors, we have a proven track record in the provision of safe and professional cable installation services for the chemical and oil industries.

This track record is a testament to our dedication, expertise, and commitment to delivering top-tier solutions that meet the specific needs of clients in the demanding environments experienced across petrochemicals, heavy industry, chemical engineering and refineries.

Our successful projects include Shell, Braefoot Bay, where we accomplished the installation of 20,000M of power and control cables for terminal lifting arms, and Mossmorran where we completed the installation of 5000M of Power Cables for USP supplies.

We have carried out several projects over a span of 10 years at Solenis Bradford Plant, installing power and control cables for upgrading process facilities.

At Syngenta’s Huddersfield Plant we have also successfully installed 10000M of instrument and control cables for a new fertilizer production facility.

For Venator’s Hartlepool Plant, we have installed11kv cables for a high voltage upgrade across the site.

Nationwide Reach, Unparalleled Reputation and an Emphasis on Safety Compliance

Our nationwide reach, accreditations and extensive experience in the petrochemical sector enable us to offer service levels that address the unique challenges faced by heavy industries. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we are the trusted choice for companies seeking reliable, top-quality solutions.